The entire project comprises four stages:

  • General orientation
  • Design
  • Discussing the specifications with the customer
  • Realisation/Project guidance

This way, everything is transparent every step of the way, resulting in a guaranteed perfect end product.

Method of operation

General orientation

We prepare a schedule of requirements during our first visit to the customer. This schedule forms the basis of the initial design.


The design is made in both 2D and 3D, and incorporates the wishes and requirements of the customer. We take the design to the customer in order to specify certain points.

Discussing the specifications with the customer

After approval, the materials, colours, etc. are selected and incorporated in a final design, and the final price is set. Upon final approval, we can set the wheels in motion, realising your instruction.

Realisation/Project guidance

After final approval, the planning department will prepare the details and your interior will be produced. Installation and aftercare are of course the responsibility of our own highly skilled fitters.